Wendy McNeill Representation was established in 2017 to represent a hand picked selection of travel suppliers. WMR is driven by passion for product and relationship building. The companies Wendy represents share these values.

Wendy combines long industry experience with in-depth knowledge of her destinations and irrepressible energy, enthusiasm and humour. WMR is astute at matching the best travel suppliers with the individual needs of tour operators, ensuring that lodges, hotels, expedition cruises and experiential travel providers are brought together with the tour operator they complement perfectly. Years of experience and wide-ranging contacts in Latin America and a personal passion for wild, windswept places enable her to connect, inspire, inform and build relationships that last.

Wendy thrives on personal connections and getting to know you and your business to bring you the best of her destinations, contact, suppliers and ideas. Whether you are looking for long-term, in-depth representation, or need support on a bespoke short-term project, WMR brings safe hands, creativity, solid experience and infectious enthusiasm to your project.

About Wendy

For more than 10 years Wendy has represented DMC’s in Latin America to the travel trade.  She has led workshops, presentations and trainings – which are renowned for the depth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm she brings to her destinations – as well as industry events, fam trips and tradeshows.

Born to a Chilean Mother and British Father. Wendy was born in London but spent the early part of her childhood in Chile. Wendy’s desire to travel was first stirred as a child as she sat listening, rapt, to her family’s stories of exploration. Stoked by stories in two languages and her own vivid imagination, her passion for far-flung shores burned steadily until her adult years.

Finally, she started her own explorations and spent her early twenties travelling through Asia. She then made her way to South America, where she backpacked for a year. She is now the proud owner of three tents, a filthy backpack and her own collection of stories. She is a lover of nature and at her happiest on remote, windswept plains, atop jagged mountains or amidst the wild expanses of sub-zero temperatures.

It was inevitable that Wendy would end those early travelling days by working in the industry. She studied Travel and Tourism whilst working for an Independent Travel Agency. She moved on to work for a specialist Long-Haul Tour Operator for nine years in various roles including Sales Manager, Training Manager and Latin America Product Manager. Since that first defining, backpack-bashing year in South America, she has travelled extensively in Latin America as a highly knowledgeable and committed professional.





What Wendy Offers

Over 25 years of travel industry experience and expertise

In-depth product and destination knowledge

Infectious enthusiasm for all the destinations she promotes

Exceptional face-to-face training for large audiences and one 2 one

Planning and delivery of Fam Trips

Market intelligence

WMR offers a boutique and highly personalised approach to representation. Wendy will bring her 25 years of travel industry knowledge and expertise, in-depth product and destination knowledge and her irrepressible enthusiasm for all the destinations she promotes to everything she works on.  She is a highly experienced trainer and presenter who brings exceptional energy and fluency to face-to-face training for both large audiences and one-to-one sessions.

She is adept at planning and delivering fam trips and her many personal contacts ensure that she has the latest market intelligence at her fingertips.

Underpinning Wendy’s approach is her warmth and ability to connect at a personal level, leading to long and satisfying relationships with both clients and providers. When challenges arise, as they inevitably do in every industry, Wendy’s experience and level-headedness ensures that issues are either headed off at the pass or resolved in the most effective way possible.

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