Newsletter November 2019

The most annoying things about WTM

And breathe. Yes, WTM – celebrating its 40th birthday this year – is over for another year. My feet have only just recovered from last week, and I have a myriad of follow-ups, but right now, I want to thank all those of you who endured London Transport to meet with me and my wonderful colleagues from Blumar in Brazil and Travel Excellence in Costa Rica.

I’m also in the mood for sharing my WTM annoyances with you. Plus, a few of the many joys. I’d love to hear about yours, should you feel so inclined!

The 5 most annoying things about WTM:

1. The noise!

It all starts with the TFL staff announcements at Canning Town and then Mariachi bands making a racket while you’re trying to have a meeting!

2. Canning Town Station, The DLR and The Jubilee Line

I have great empathy for people who have to endure this on a regular basis.

3. People like me!

Stopping you for a “quick chat” while you’re late and dashing to your next appointment.

4. Name/face recognition failure

Thank goodness for name badges!

5. Wardrobe angst

Three whole days of business attire. How do those Latinos manage to look so good all the time?

And the more positive aspects:

1. The Emirates Airline cable car

Hallelujah – Canning Town can be avoided. What a pleasure it was to soar across the Thames with birds eye views of the O2 and beyond.

2. Sustenance!

Did you try dreamy Costa Rican coffee? Oh yes – this kept me alert and revived countless flagging souls throughout the 3-day show. And what about the Brazilian Caipirinhas? Saúde!

3. Strictly WTM

Vying for top place on the leader-board were Brazil and Costa Rica, each presenting a superb showcase of folk dancing displays that transported the eager audience to places far removed from E16!

4. My clients!

Wendy with Paula & Carolina from Blumar

It is such a pleasure for me to look after Team Blumar (Paula & Carolina) and Team Travel Excellence (Carlos, Guido and Cynthia) while they’re here in London. Every year, they come to WTM brimming with exciting new products and ideas, but it’s their natural warmth that really makes my heart sing. Their dedication and professionalism shine through every meeting right through from the very first one on Monday morning until the final slot on Wednesday afternoon.

5. You

Of course! Where would we be without you and your clients? This is what WTM is all about – I get to introduce you to my clients and in turn, they get to know what you and your clients are looking for, so they can really focus on delivering you the products needed for your clients.

I have many, many more WTM joys I could regale you with but to sum up, it was fantastic to meet up with each and every one of you who came. I truly hope your meetings with Paula & Carolina from Blumar, and Carlos, Guido and Cynthia from Travel Excellence have strengthened the bonds you already have. Or, will bring about future working relationships, and as always, if there’s anything I can do help with your sales to Latin America, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m off to Costa Rica for a dose of Pura Vida hospitality and to experience a few of the many new properties.

Very best wishes and saludos,


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