Newsletter 17th April 2019

Wendy’s got her binoculars on….. Brazil!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

What is it with April weather? One minute you’re practically basking in blazing sunshine, and the next, you’re running for cover, wondering who put that glacial rainstorm in your face?! Luckily for me, I’m still glowing from the warmth generated by Blumar’s Carolina who was with me last week. We braved the elements to come and visit some of you but there’s never enough time to see everyone or cover everything in person, so here’s a quick rundown of the latest from Brazil, plus a sneaky snippet from Costa Rica that can’t wait until next time!

New Hotel – Arpoador Hotel, Rio

At last, a medium size hotel that’s sensibly priced and right on the beach! Yes, right on the beach! In line with its name change from Arpoador Inn to Arpoador Hotel, there’s been a major revamp involving none other than Thiago Bernardes, one of the architects behind the MAR – Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro of wavy roof fame. The hotel is still in its ‘soft opening’ phase but don’t overlook offering this to your budget-conscious clients. Set on the eastern tip of Ipanema Beach (aka Arpoador Beach locally), there’s no shortage of shopping and dining, and the views from its upper floors are spectacular. Rooms are sensibly categorised as small, medium and big! The Blumar team have been and had a good look round, so give me a shout for the lowdown on Rio’s newest hotel.

Fasano Salvador

Super excited to report that Fasano Salvador opened its doors just over a month ago and Blumar’s Ana Paula was one of its very first guests! A stay in this vibrant city is a must – do let me know if you’d like to see her inspection report.

Virgin Atlantic Sao Paulo

Sir Richard has come to his senses and realised that South America needs another Virgin! Woohoo! The date hasn’t been announced yet but from early in 2020, you’ll be able to offer your clients the chance to fly from Heathrow to Sao Paulo and back on a Dreamliner, and enjoy the inimitable Virgin Atlantic experience.

Rio: Carnival like a Native

Your clients could be part of the Samba Parade!

For your clients who aren’t content with just being dazzled by this annual extravaganza from the grandstands, Blumar have an amazing package where your clients can properly join in the fun! Oh yes, with a little bit of advance organisation, they will don suitable costumes, and samba their way along the route on Parade Night as honoured guests of one of Rio´s renowned Samba Schools.

Reserva do Ibitipoca

I bet you’ve all had this sort of enquiry: “we want to go to Rio, and then on to somewhere where we can forget about our mobile phones and get back to nature to enjoy some quality family/us time in luxurious surroundings but we don’t want to spend half the holiday getting there.” Well, the answer is Reserva do

Ibitipoca – a luxurious countryside retreat less than 5 hours drive from Rio, and – hot off the press – a worthy finalist in the ‘Investing in People Award’ section of the prestigious WTTC “Tourism for Tomorrow Awards” in Seville earlier this month.

This private reserve is the brainchild of Renato Machado, a local businessman with a conscience who started buying up land surrounding Ibitipoca State Park in the 1980s in order to create wildlife corridors and encourage biodiversity by reintroducing endangered species.

With the gorgeous converted 18th-century farmhouse ‘Fazenda do Engenho’ at its heart, Reserva do Ibitipoca – represented by Senderos – has now launched its fabulous ‘Reserva Remota’ portfolio comprising five additional boarding options, namely ‘Humboldt Loft’, Areião House and Areião Loft, Viradoura House overlooking the river and ‘Eagle’s Nest’ which benefits from exceptional views from its above-the-clouds perch, some 1500m above sea level.

Reserva do Ibitipoca combines perfectly with Rio de Janeiro and/or the colonial towns of mountainous Minas Gerais. The nearest airport is Juiz de Fora IZA – 2 hours by road, with a daily Gol flight from/to Sao Paulo CGH – and the best time to visit is between April and October when it is cooler and less rainy. It is perfect for families with teenagers who are into bird watching and horse riding or for those who simply want to ‘unplug’ and experience the Brazilian savannah or ‘Cerrado.’ The smaller Reserva Remota mountain houses are ideal for couples seeking a luxurious romantic getaway.

Costa Rica

Drum roll! New hotel coming soon…. Amor Arenal

Delighted to have a new and small option in Arenal. This private, luxurious retreat is just outside La Fortuna out looking over the San Carlos Valley. Comprising just 31 individual casitas with views towards Arenal Volcano, Amor Arenal has been designed to offer guests an exclusive rainforest experience. At the dining table, home grown organic fruits and veggies abound along with fish from their own spring water pools, free-range chicken and eggs, and grass fed beef, depending on the season.

As always, I’m only a phone call or email away so please don’t hesitate to contact me about any of the above, or indeed anything else I can help you with; we’re all in this together!

Best wishes y saludos to you all for a very Happy Easter – with 22° and sunshine promised for Saturday, I feel a trip to the coast is in order!


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